At Long Last!

Hello to a world that doesn’t know meyet.

For those of you who stumble in, thanks for stopping by.

I’m C J, and I have an unexplained desire to write and publish… So begins my debut into the cold cruel world of self published word slingers!

It is true, I have not yet published my first book- my editor still has it. (Patients, my editor, tells me is a virtue that I don’t have). I did however put chapter 1 up in the creative writing section at Goodreads and you can feast your eyes on it HERE.


I started out small, Desperation Floats is only 10,000 words or so just to get my feet wet.

I’m not really liking this ‘new kid on the first day of school’ feeling, so please say hi while you are here. Until then, I will set  in the back of the class and doodle while stealing glances at the cute blonde over one row and two seats ahead of me…


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