Uh Oh

Two tiny syllables, not even full words. But put them together, let a young child utter them, and virtually every parent within ear shot will react.

Don’t believe me, try it!

My ears heard the call today in  the canned food aisle of the grocery, but the face palm went to someone else.

I stood there trying to remember exactly which brand I should buy when I heard it. Clear as a bell, like a tiny angel whispering  in my ear…”Uh Oh.” Instinct snapped my head up while my ears worked like two independent radar, each searching for a target.

Movement at the edge of my vision demanded the head snap to the left. Only a few feet away stood a little boy tugging on his Mom’s jacket. In the very same millisecond, a crash rattled from the other end of the aisle.

A quick head snap to the right and my eyes landed on the Mom’s cart as it pressed into the body of a man who found himself in the wrong place at just the perfect time.

The angelic little voice had one more powerful word to utter…”MOMMY!”

Now, Mommy is truly a wonderful word, but today it was …well…vibrant, sweet as the finest chocolate, heavenly even. All because that word was spoken by someone else’s kid!

As I watched Mom hold her reddening face in her palm and shake her head, the reality struck home that my kids could not get me anymore! Of course they have moved on to other annoyances, but they can’t get me anymore.

I can sit back and smile, cause I survived it five times! Not that five is a lot, I know bunches of people have more than five.

But think of it this way- We have five kids. And I survived the “Uh Oh’s”… FIVE TIMES.

I’ll raise a cold beer to that, and where do I buy the survival T-shirt?

Since this afternoon’s event, I have happily looked back on those moments. The shock on Jr’s (or miss) face, the sound of something not so good, and the word “Daddy”. It always meant  I had something extra to do, get my wrench from one of those impossible to reach places they land. Or maybe turn the garden hose back off before Mom’s car gets a bath with the windows down as the kids wrestle the sprinkler away from each other.

Or my personal favorite:

“Uh Oh” A slight splash followed by about five seconds of silence…”Daddy!”

I turn to see that by some great, huge, miracle of winter boots my daughter knocked my coffee cup down her ice fishing hole…(Deep inhale)… Twice in one day.

The second time, we held a brief memorial  before leaving for the day.

I’d love to hear some “Uh Oh” moments from all of you, tell me your favorite.

Oh and for the men out there, who just like me, stand in the aisle trying to pick which brand of whatever your wife asked for. Apparently there is only one brand out of all those on the shelf that is right, and I haven’t found it yet without making her text it to me before hand!

Now bring on the “Uh Oh” tales!!!


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