Me A Snob?

Upturned Noses

I wanted to take a moment to get the definition of Snob. It’s not a word I hear often in my neck of the woods, and I wanted to be clear on the subject.

So with further a due –

Direct from Merrim- Webster’s web site, here it is- up on it’s lofty and ornate pedestal, it’s hawkish nose looming below those judgmental beady eyes. Ladies and Gentlemen give me a big Boo and Hiss for the one of several million out there, arrogant as all hell, and in some cases hated even by their own shadow-

 Its the… snob

noun \ˈsnäb\

: someone who tends to criticize, reject, or ignore people who come from a lower social class, have less education, etc.

Ha, I know precisely who what that is! Around here we have a different word for that definition. That’s a jackass.


One response to “Me A Snob?

  1. Oh heck no, those are not jackass tendencies when directed at a snob, they are “country courtesies,” I am sure! 😉

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