We Interupt your regularly scheduled programming….


To bring you this special announcement.

Autumn has hit Michigan! The chilly night time temperatures have put a damper on the annoying bug populations, spurred the critters into winter preparations mode, and splashed the trees with vivid and down right beautiful colors.

Now is the time to escape into Michigan’s beautiful wilderness, or simply drive out to the orchard for fresh donuts and warm apple cider. The harvests are in, fish are on the feed, and hunting seasons have begun!

No, it is not time to stop and smell the roses. It is however time to stop and admire the beautiful country side, or cast a line in your favorite fishing hole, or… Well you get the idea.

Time is of the essence as the frigid winds of winter are not far behind!

Your weapon of choice makes no difference, whether it be a fishing pole, bow, gun or last but most certainly not least- the mighty camera.

Slip on an extra layer and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Stay tuned for further updates….

Important notice- This blog will be unmanned til Tuesday 10/14/14 as the operator has left for a fishing and picture taking extravaganza. Be sure to tune in then for pictures that will raise your spirits, awe you with stunning landscapes, and warm your soul.

The sign is hung, and I am outta here…

gone fishing

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing…


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