Now That’s Love…

Ya know, there is just something great about coming home after a trip. Four days in the great outdoors, while in some ways not long enough, in others it is just so satisfying to be home.

All the little things that happens the first few steps in the door are what make this moment.

The kiss of a good woman who hates a weeks worth of pokey whiskers, and the hug that goes with it even though you reek after four days of dirt, campfires, fish slime, sweat and no showers. (Other than the rain you refuse to let ruin your vacation.)

The dogs that knock you over with loving excitement as though you had just slathered a steak all over your face. (You are missing out if your dogs aren’t big enough to do this!)

That, my friends is love. And I can think of no better way to end an awesome excursion into the best mother nature has too offer.

Of course, immediately following her sweet greeting, I heard, “You need a shower.”

And so ends the moment. As fleeting as it can be, for that one moment- just one tiny spec in the grand universe of time, I was the single most loved individual alive. And I keep coming home because of it!

And the only reason I leave the level of love I feel at home? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Hardy Swans

To be able to sit in a boat and watch a pair of swans silently feasting on vegetation in such a colorful and calm place… its a feeling of… well…

It’s a step back in time, with a twist of awe at the raw beauty and a dash of humbleness that comes from the realization just how small one man is in the broad universe.

When those three ingredients are smoothly and equally blended, the result is a stress free peaceful feeling that makes one laugh and smile.

Troubles are forgotten, aches and pains are noticed less, and crisp air cleanses lungs.

And for those of you who have read my Uh Oh post, I have one for you and at my age, I never thought I would give one of these moments to my own dad!

“Uh oh,” I said without realizing my brain activated my jaw as I thought it…”DAD, I think we’re lost…”

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…


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