Finite Creatures- WHAT?!

Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

 Just who said I ‘m not?
  I suppose next, your going to tell me that Santa Clause isn’t real, or the moon is not made of green cheese!
 You just can’t lay that kind of news on a man! I mean really, are you trying to kill me?
 While you might get me to agree that this body I am in will wear out at some point or another, at the rate science is going, they’ll just be able to zap me into another one with a wave of a magic wand, and the phrase “abracadabra peanut butter sandwich”.
 And Poof, I’ll be ready to rock out another 100 years!
 Geez, I’m still waiting for the boys to finally come home from a successful snipe hunt.
 Who wants to join me in the garden this year to wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive?
 I sure am glad the wife says that not everything you read on the interweb is true, ya’ll had me worried for a minute!
 Psst… My daughter just came home and handed me a sheet of paper that says we have to build a catapult for her physics class. If this don’t make for a good story or two in the next couple days I don’t know what will.
The catapult falls into a category my better half refers to as “redneck weaponry”, and forbid me from ever again dabbling in it. All because I burnt a bit of the lawn a couple years ago…

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