And There’s A Flag On The Play!

Ok, I need everyone to pay close attention on this one, and please add your vote below.

So our house was right in the middle of a typical Saturday night. Most of our kids were here, awesome food (Thanks Mama), just the right depth of music, laughter and conversations. More of a small party really, just all family.

Someone asks me to play a game of cards. Monopoly Deal to be precise. This someone is my new still not broken in, son in law.

(To every dad out there that just smirked as he read it, you know exactly what I mean.)

“Sure,” I say.

New guy and myself haven’t set down for any sort of one on one competition up to that point and I was truly looking forward to it.

The cards were dealt and away we went. A fair battle ensued, and we soon found ourselves near the end of a really good game.

The Pay Attention Part→
Mama shouted over our clan for my help in the living room.

I pressed both hands down on the table to push myself up and said, “Pause, Mama needs something.”

Now where I come from that stops all play immediately. Not until my derriere is back in the chair, and I pick the cards up off the table does play resume. Period.

That must not be so where ever he came from!

I heard this from the dining room, “CJ, you just lost, I won!”

Lost what? Was there some race to get the last piece of dessert I didn’t know about? (Wouldn’t be the first time.) Did my team lose, and my wager in the chore list take a turn for the worst?

“Lost what,” I hollered back.

“The game, I just beat you,” he returned as I hurried to finish helping Mama.

“How’s that even poss…” My words trailed off as I rounded the corner and stepped into the dining room.

I was staring at nothing but wood grain on the table! As in, somehow he “beat” me, then piled all the cards up to shuffle!

“I call Bull Shit,” I roared, and a disagreement ensued.

His point- he played while I was away from the table to keep the game moving.

I get that when multiple players are involved. Everyone needs a pee break now and then, but in a one on one game? Really? How do I (or anyone else for that matter) know that he didn’t wad the cards up and declare a victory without playing?

Ya know, one up the old man from the get go. The whole thing smells fishy to me.

I wonder just what happens when he pushes pause on his Xbox. Does that villain lop off the place he hangs his hat anyway? Maybe his little baseball batter takes three strikes because pause doesn’t work on pitchers?

Did he simply want to share the feeling with me of losing without knowing why?

I informed him that I won by forfeit.

We never did see eye to eye on this one, and so I bring it to the masses.

And just in case my son in law lands here…

You have to remember man, no matter what happened at the table that night, the fact that you sat in that chair at all means you must be ok.
After all, if you weren’t liked around here, your final breath would have been right after you uttered those words, “ I want to marry your daughter.


3 responses to “And There’s A Flag On The Play!

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  2. Guess what? Everyone loses! Likely as not, you should have won. However, getting all upset about a game doesn’t say much for your maturity, I’m afraid. I play Scrabble competitively, so I get it. But when all is said and done, you have to remember that it’s just a game and that it is ridiculous to get upset over. Right or wrong, your outburst would have gotten you thrown out of a Scrabble tournament. And, yes, your son-in-law is a bastard for pulling such a stunt.


    • Me upset over this, Nah. It’s just one of those goofy things I like to exploit. Can’t say as losing is my favorite thing in life, but it is part of life. He’s a good guy, I just expect to be sitting at the table when I lose to someone, not hear about it from the other room!
      Around here, when Mama calls for help that stops anything that is going on, be it a movie, cards, or my swinging hammer. After all, she’s the keeper our home, and home won’t be a happy place if Mama ain’t happy!


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