NaBloPoMo Kick Off


And her it is, November first!

So Many firsts have already happened. My neck of the woods has already thrown the first snowflakes of the year. Though they were not the soft and gentle fluttery flakes that one tries to catch on the tongue.

No, the delightful unique little particles of precipitation had the strength of an angry wind behind them. Bring it on old man winter, I’ll step in the ring with you.

I will brave your bone chilling cold, biting winter winds. Your icy grip on my part of the world will not stall my desire for fresh air and fishing. Toe to toe I will square off with you, and we’ll just see who is still standing strong come May first!

My first NaBloPoMo is here too, and I am looking forward to the challenge. Time to write and wander through other blogs. I look forward to making new online friends, and sharing some funny tales of life in these parts with everyone.

Tales of boys who’ve come to the door in hopes of dating my two girls, adventurous trips into the best and worst mother nature has to offer, and even some hilarious personal views of mine on the world today.

I like to think outside the box, and pick on the little things in life. How about some insane modern technology? Give this post a read, although I would advise not doing so with a mouth full of coffee. You’ve been warned.)

Get to know me, and I shall return the favor.

Oh, and by the way- I still need some votes to settle a dispute with the son in law! I’m willing to concede defeat (I must admit it will be painful though) should the vote swing in the new guy to the families favor.

Take a quick read, and cast your vote please I could really use the help on this one. The post is called And There’s A Flag On The Play.

And for those of you who love to laugh at Daily prompts, I have a few already in the archives for you. Take a glance through my Daily Prompt Category for a few good laughs!

Now it’s off to the roof! No, I’m not looking to jump, Old man winter decided to throw a hard first punch and caught me off guard. Time to re shingle the house so he can’t get to the family.

You might have thrown the first punch tough guy, but it is going to take more than that! Bring it on you icy old fart I still ready for you!

I raise my coffee mug and cheer to my first NaBloPoMo.  Let’s Do this!


2 responses to “NaBloPoMo Kick Off

  1. Good luck to you! I am now on my second NaBloPoMo and enjoying it just as much as the first time! Welcome to our crazy gang.


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