Let it snow!



It’s finally landed!

No not  aliens, or the Zombie Apocalypse, but white fluffy flakes that signal the coming of snowmen, ice fishing, Christmas, and my off season!

It is the single biggest difference between her and I.

For Mama, it is the signal to hibernate and cook. For myself, it is a sign to make ready the ice fishing gear, double check the four wheel drive on my jeep, and get ready to play!

A winter wonderland is just around the corner, and I get ten weeks off to enjoy all it has to offer!

I can walk on water (frozen of course), have a snowball fight with the boys, and blast through snow drifts grill high to my Jeep!

And after a long day of fun outdoors I am greeted by a warm house, a loving woman and our family, and wonderful smells of home cooked goodies that would make Richard Simmon’s abandon his diet.

Even though only a dash of snow has landed in the yard, I can already feel the urge. It’s a thrill that brings out the kid in me all over again.

Just like my children, I often bolt out of bed, leap onto the couch to peek past the curtains and gaze upon what Mother Nature did while I was asleep.

Of course, now a days I’m not hoping that inches of snow will cancel school (unless of course that’s what it takes to get one of the kids to go ice fishing with me).

What new mountains of snow now block the roads and call for some nut with a 4×4 to blaze a new path through?

Where’s the trees laden with a heavy load of snow just waiting to be kicked so that its burden jumps off limbs to douse a kid who didn’t catch the smirk plastered on my face?

And my most favorite- Is there enough ice yet to venture onto in search of a fresh fish dinner?

With the right gear, ice fishing can be a real treat. One of the most enjoyable parts is to drop down an underwater camera and glimpse the watery world below your feet in a whole new way.

Ever curious critters will unwittingly pose for the camera as they rush up to greet the new comer in their territory.

Everyone say hello to a curious young perch who stopped to talk to what he thought was just another fish in the sea. Little did he know he was bound for internet stardom. Maybe if he would have known, he might have held still for a clearer picture!

iseeyou2-1 (Custom)

And to top off such a wonderful day outdoors, Mother Nature whipped up an oh so satisfying sunset.


Ah, the joys of winter!

So, I’ll gladly trounce around this great white world snapping pictures and collecting tales to tell, while Mama is happily puttering around the kitchen creating dishes I will gratefully devour when I stride back in our door covered in snow with frost on my beard.

All you have to do is click that button up there in the corner to follow along and join the fun!

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Give a click and stay tuned to explore the wonderful world of Michigan tucked under a blanket of white!

Unlike all the TV infomercials that tempt you with amazing items you must pay for, I am giving all of this to you FREE!

That’s right folks stunning sunsets, winter landscapes, curious fish and  some laughable tales that will warm your insides even better than a hot cup of Joe.

But wait, there’s more…..

Not really, but I’ve always wanted to say that!


3 responses to “Let it snow!

  1. Wonderful pictures. Almost makes me want to experience snow again, but I fear I’ve been properly inoculated by the temperate climate of Mexico. Snow is definitely in my far past. Enjoy for me, please! Judy


  2. P.S. But, I must admit I’ve always wanted to go ice fishing…just once.


    • Well, sit back in your comfy chair on the beach and enjoy it from my blog. I love to share pictures, and stories from my adventures outdoors.
      Old man winter is still throwing warm up pitches (so to speak) around here, the best is yet to come!


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