Old VS. New

Let It Be

A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?

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“It’s time honey,” I told her, “My old one is worn out completely.”

“So go get a new one,” came the simple answer.

“Really?” My eyes sparkled with excitement.

I couldn’t wait, who doesn’t love to buy something new?

I knew exactly which one I wanted, after all I had my eye on it for the past year or so.

My fingers gently slid across the shiny new deck made of aluminum and traced the insignia on the brightly colored plastic that housed the motor.

To be sure, this new saw would stand out like a  sore thumb amid the bland, battered, and well used old tools that graced the workbenches of my shop.

I wrapped my arms around the box to carry it to the cash register. With a heave befitting the old iron decked saw I wanted to replace, I nearly threw the thing over my shoulder.

The weight difference was truly amazing, no more struggling to move it about!

Finally the moment came to open the box. Excitement rumbled through me as I carefully placed the saw in it’s new home atop the cutting bench.

Over the course of a weekend, I used that new saw to finish some updates to Mama’s kitchen. The vast differences between old and new became crystal clear and had me wishing for my old reliable once again.

While the weight of it was a blessing to carry around, the sturdiness of my old friend could not be found in it’s replacement.

Each move meant double checking the saw for square as it often seemed to fall out of alignment. That coupled with a motor not nearly as strong sent a yearning for the old technology coursing through me.

Even the safety features had been reworked to make each and every cut a cumbersome twist of the fingers that  I quickly found more annoying than helpful.

When the sky fell dark on Sunday night, the last rays of light passed through a window in the shop to witness my new toy going back into it’s box.

After a week or so of scouring my area for someone to help, I located a man who could bring my old saw back to it’s former glory (Well almost).

With a new lease on life, the old miter saw I love once again sits in it’s proper place ready and willing to accept any challenge I throw at it.

No safety button to contort my fingers in unnatural ways, or a flimsy work deck to warp or fall out of alignment.

While an extra step will now be required in my power tool purchases, I believe that it will be more than worth it. My tools now come from garage sales, and are immediately taken to the kind gentleman who breathed new life into my tired saw.

Gone are the days of common sense, ushered out by a new era that puts the safety of the operator clearly in the hands of the tool manufacturer, and durability has been replaced by high priced disposable products that seem to be a waste of money.

One the brighter side, the insanity that arrived with all this new technology does make for some hilarious tales, such as this one- “Not Recommended”

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