Sun-Scape Sundays!



I found a curiosity around here the other day. Came from a blog I follow by Cooking With A wall Flower.

She has a very insightful blog, and this post in particular my newbie self found helpful-

Blogging Tips: How to Grow Your Blog

As I read her informative words, I came across another term that is new to my ears. A Link Party.

Now to me a party means lots of family and friends, great food, and laughing so hard your belly hurts. Links on the other hand make me think of sausage, and breakfast.

Since that didn’t seem to fit what I was reading, I abandoned my own line of thought (After I nabbed a quick snack) and settled in to learn of this new party I wasn’t invited to.

It turns out, these things are all over the place!

The trouble is, I could not find one that fit what I seek.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a link party pertaining to sunrise/ sunset pictures and descriptions?

Sure, any of the parties I have seen would do for traffic, but I don’t sew or quilt, and Mama is a far better cook (save one or two dishes thank you very much) than I, and many of them appear to be for women.

What I am looking for are those sun-scapes I don’t get to see. Say a sun brightening up the clouds of a morning storm at sea, or a desert sunset from Africa. The snow capped mountains anywhere in the world must be a gorgeous site when cast in the colorful array of dawn or dusk.

Where oh where are the other sun-scape aficionado’s hiding on the net?

If no link parties are around for this type of thing, then by Jove I want to break the mold! But there’s a problem with that.

I have a hammer for breaking a real mold, however I don’t think my computer would like me if I used it for this task. I need a techie type pal to help with this one. Even this is over my head:

5 Things You Must Know About Link Parties and How Easy it is to Link Up

At the risk of sounding computer illiterate, it’s going to be a while before I figure that out.

Any takers? Hell, any thoughts on the topic? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

What could be better than inspirational pictures or written vibrant descriptions of a sunrise/set from all over the world to view while at the same time spreading word about your own blog?


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