Hey Look What I Got!



Sound the trumpets! Wave the flags!

“Houston we are prepared for the countdown.”

Finally I have it back in my fingers. Alright, it’s on the flash drive in my fingers, but I got it! One more spit shine, and it will be released for all the world to see.

Wow, that was a scary thought. For all the world to see…

What if no one buys it? What if those that do don’t like it? What am I doing?! Am I really going to toss something I spent so much time on out in front of the entire world for scrutiny? You bet I am!

Why? Because I can. Because it has been a desire for way too long.

What will I do if nothing but scathing reviews leap off the screen at me? I’m gonna write something else just to tick off the haters, that’s what!

Whether it’s loved by 10 or ten million, then I’ll write something the readers will love. So either way, it looks like I’m going to write more. For the time being though, I need to focus on the coming soon date of Desperation Floats.

What is it about exactly? I suppose one could consider it a chapter from my autobiography that has yet to be written.

It’s a true tale of my efforts to keep a passion for being on the water alive during the money crunch that slapped the state of Michigan (and lots of the country) silly.

Its also an opportunity to glimpse into the mind of someone who doesn’t think inside the box.

But, and this is important, it is also the story of how stepping down from a big ticket item (my beloved cabin cruiser) to a tiny hand-built plywood boat actually improved the satisfaction my passion provides.

From the inner workings of my brain, to the reverence I found at my first sunrise aboard this small vessel. It’s all there, explained in a humorous way that will make you smile.

I’d call it a feel good read for sure.

So do me a favor, help me plaster the word everywhere! December 15th is the day it goes live!

As soon as my editor gives me her review, I will share it with all of you. (I’m not supposed to know it yet, but a little butterfly told me she absolutely loved it.)



“Roger CJ, this is Houston. Stand by for final countdown”


One response to “Hey Look What I Got!

  1. Huge congratulations! Yet another blogger who has inspired me to keep on writing šŸ™‚

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