Uh Dad, What Are You Doing?

Ever have one of those days where you just want to be lost in your own head?

There’s a thousand things I could have done today, maybe a couple I should have even. Instead I let random thoughts lead the way.

I had no where to go, no one to see, and after a wonderful couple days of family around the table, I just wanted to flex the imagination.

No TV or music needed. I find it helps me reconnect to myself- the real one inside who hides behind the mask of Mate, Dad, Boss and Employee, etc.

Time to let him out for some exercise. And the first place he took me? Right out the back door and into the workshop.

For any of you with OCD or the strong desire to make everything you see neat and orderly, my workshop is not a place for you! But it is the place to let one’s imagination run wild.

You see, my shop is more of a think tank- with recycled and reclaimed materials. And in that tank there are half finished projects everywhere.

Not from laziness, but because some are waiting for just the right part to find it’s way to my door. Others are partial creations that require some serious time and deeper thought. So they wait patiently for a day I can devote to them.

I stepped in, pulled out the old bar stool and let my mind run where it wanted. It sprinted past wood bent over a form in a vice and took a left at the solar panel I’ve been putting together made from solar path lights.

It slowed down and hovered fleetingly over the electric power ice auger needing a couple parts I don’t have. From there it skittered over to a sheet of plywood that is  cut to size for a home made portable ice shanty.

And there it stayed waiting impatiently for the rest of me to catch up. I dropped the panel on the floor, pulled down the bucket I sit on, and sat down.

My mind floated through memories of ice fishing with the kids, ice shacks that I had built, and even looked at the concrete under my plywood pretending to be fishing.

I sat there for a couple hours mentally sensing everything. The cold bite of a frigid north wind, the sound of ice pressure cracks ripping across the lake. The feel of my studded boots clawing at the ice with each step. Watching the snow in the wind wash out the distant lake shore making you feel like the only man for hundreds of miles.


The afternoon shot by,and before I knew it the responsible jerk in my head started chiming in with his two cents.

But by that time I had made it to a place I wanted to be. The weather may not let me out on open water or good ice at the moment, but the power of my imagination made it possible right there amid the jumble of tools and projects. Shouting distance from Mama.

The only part of the day I missed today was to hear the shop door creek open just before a little voice asked- “Uh Dad, what are you doing?”


4 responses to “Uh Dad, What Are You Doing?

  1. Oh, what a fun way to spend the day! Your words really painted the picture so very well! 😀


  2. You and my husband would understand each other perfectly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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