Ever Seen A “Golden Victrola”

I had to be having one of those days where my brain is abnormally hyper. Typically, I run couple different thought processes at once.

And by that I mean carry on a conversation, run the math on something I am building, and be considering the best way to get that last stubborn bolt loose on one of my teen’s cars.

So when abnormal hits, I have three different film strips bouncing random projects in my head one after another. That gets confusing.

Abnormal was the case the other day.

Mama (and I do remember the conversation… well most of it) had told me what she was going to do, and I remember agreeing that she should. I just didn’t remember she did it.

My best bud, our Golden Retriever had a small scratch on top of his head from playing with the puppy. It had been cleaned and tended to, but he wouldn’t leave it alone- had to keep scratching it with a paw.

So Mama pulled out that dreadful cone. I hate that thing. It sucks the pride right out of a dog. But he’d already made the scratch worse so…

I had been in the office, and just wandered into the living room and sat down trying to find some focus in the head.

Mama said something I didn’t quite catch from the kitchen and I turned to look through the dining room.

And there sat Lazybones, except his shoulders and back looked slumped, not squared like normal. I shifted my gaze to his face to see if he had been scolded.

Around here, dog’s are not allowed in the kitchen. It is common though for them to try. One paw, and if you don’t notice then two…

All that registered in my busy brain- His head is gone!

And then laughter until my sides hurt as I flashed the mental image of cranking his tail and listening to music flow out of the cone just like those precious antique phonographs.

Then the poor guy turned his head and gave me that “Really?” look.

Sympathy stopped my laughter. After that look, even the idea of shooting a picture to share went out the window. I couldn’t bring myself to take or post a picture of him like that.

His proud and elegant stance, now that’s worth a picture, but this, yeah, I can’t.

So instead, here’s Lazybones playing his favorite game with me last winter.


And don’t worry boy, in a day or two that cone will be off so we can play. And as soon as Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll be back to playing in the snow.


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