T Minus 9 Days and Counting

“Cj, This is Houston, the final countdown has commenced.”

It is nearly here! A new chapter in the life of an outspoken goofy carpenter.


The simple truth is I love to tell stories. That fact combined with my inner desire, and the urgings of friends and family have fueled the fire.

In nine days, that fire will power the thrusters that will propel me into the world of self published authors.

Just a couple more switches to flip, gauges to check, and nerves to calm. Oh, and my seat belt!

The time has come to add a new and very different chapter in my life. It is a chapter as familiar to me as walking on the moon and starring back at the earth.

My sense of adventure has been heightened with anticipation as this count down draws near to it’s end.

A special notice needs to go out to all five of my kids:

I do practice what I preach.

I have spent years telling you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. And here, behind a keyboard, sits a carpenter who was unfamiliar with the workings of the web, ready to share my first story with the entire world.

This one is for all of you.  Follow your dreams where ever they lead. Your success or failure isn’t what matters.

What matters is just doing it.

I love you all,



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