What if Mom was wrong?

Have you ever wondered what your doing here? As in the reason for your existence?

My mom always said that we were each put here for a reason. And when we fulfilled that reason… Well, we wouldn’t be here any longer.

Strangely today, that question popped back into my head. I didn’t even see it coming.

As a matter of fact my thoughts were on my own personal countdown to December 15th for the release of my first book, and the completion of a project in the shop that is so close I can’t stand it.

Then like the hand of Gibbs landing on the back side of DiNozzo‘s head that question hit me.


I mean really, if I were beamed into a UFO tomorrow, would the world stop spinning?

I seriously doubt it, unless strange alien technology had something to do with it.

And then came a flood of questions from that line of thought:

  • Does there have to be a reason?
  • Will I ever know the reason, or just fulfill it?
  • What if I die before I complete my mission?
  • Is there a chance I am only here to enjoy the great outdoors like I do, so maybe I’ll live forever?

And one final question that actually stopped my hands from completing their task, and sent a chill down my spine.

What if Mom was wrong?

There was something I had never considered before.

My mom, wrong?

Well now, that is just not possible!

She had all the answers back in the day.

Heck, even into my twenties when she came up for a visit, she had the answer to why my favorite shirt had the shape of an iron burned into it!

Not to mention the answer to these spices and what they would do if you were dumb enough to put them in spaghetti sauce!

Besides Mom has logic working on her side.  There is a reason for everything right?

In the end of my mental debate, I concluded that Mom was right. (Really tho, was there any doubt?)

Now the only question that remains is what’s the reason?

And that folks, is my thought for today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to head back to the shop and put the finishing touches on my homemade ice shanty!

Oh, and do me a favor, please don’t tell my mom I ever doubted her!


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