In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

Being as I am a new blogger of only about two months, that list is long. When I started down this path, I truly didn’t know what to expect, and the rewards have been astounding.

I came by looking for a place to express my silly self, and share a story or two. With who, I had no clue.

What I have discovered is a whole new world filled with interesting people in a wide variety of of places, each with a tale or two of their own.

Even some new skills have been picked up along the way.  Widgets, HTML codes, and the like are finally not the stranger they had been even so much as twenty days ago.

As I scroll through my reader to peek in on those that have pricked my interest, I find fresh advice, funny stories of life, and even some sobering truths that strike at my heart.

Logging in here is similar to that old bar down the street that used to be the gathering place in town twenty years ago. Good conversation, always someone new to meet, and best of all I can get here in my PJ’s and only be a few steps away from the family, and my coffee pot.

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I raise my mug in a toast to all of you who have welcomed me into this new world of self expression. Cheers!


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