Absolute undeniable (and avoidable) INSANITY!!!

Kick the Bucket

  • What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

    Did anyone else smile at the irony of today’s prompt title?

    Big bold letters spell out exactly what has happened to the ping backs of yesteryear!

  • An anti- bucket list, interesting thought. This is the time to reflect back to all those foods, events and situations when I uttered the words “If I ever do that again it will be too soon!”
    • Golf– a game of… well paying to chase your own little white ball around someone else’s back yard.  I would rather be fishing.
    • Vegetarian food– We all have choices and preferences, and while I respect those choices of others, I have no interest here.

    Cornflakes + Tofu Do Not equal Meatloaf!

    (Go ahead, ask me how I know that)

    • Clothes shopping with my girls- I love you girls, but NO.
    • Set foot on an airplane- Let’s face it, If I were meant to fly the Good Lord above would have equipped me with feathers. All it took was one bad experience complete with the denial of my request for a parachute and an open door to confirm this one.
    • Rap music– Very few things on this planet can fire me up, but the foul language, rotten lyrics and thug intentions all poorly spoken to a beat any monkey could emulate… Yeah ask my boys what happened when my request not to hear that crap blasting out of my own sound system was ignored.
    • Give up Real Coffee- Let’s not go there, not even Mama likes me before I had that first cup of the day!
    • Be politically correct– When I think of this, I see an old cartoon character with buck teeth and wide eyes nod his head and utter “Duh, OK”. I will not wad up my beliefs and toss them in the garbage simply because every popular media outlet says it’s the right thing to do!
    • There is no X in Christmas
    • Guns don’t kill people any more than pencils misspell words or spoons make people fat
    • And schools should stick to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    And last but not least- Black Friday Shopping– there is but one phrase that comes to mind…

    Absolute undeniable (and avoidable) INSANITY!!!           


2 responses to “Absolute undeniable (and avoidable) INSANITY!!!

  1. I LOVE your list! Absolutely agree with every single item 🙂


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