The Years Best Cup of Coffee


Each year offers one cup of coffee that is far better than any other.  And this year, I happen to be enjoying that mug of steaming brew right now.

It’s not exactly the coffee that is better, since I always brew my own the exact same way. No, it is all about the day.

There is just something so very special about that first cup on the first morning of my seasonal vacation. It symbolizes freedom, lack of time schedules and… wait for it… Marvelous  Monday’s.

Yes you read that right, the two words not meant to be put together- ever.

I just can’t help but line them up like some sort of demented oxymoron.

No alarm shrieking into the early morning hours to rip me from pleasant dreams, no rush, and best of all no “must do lists.”

My usual cup of brew is exceptionally delightful this morning as I sit here smiling and creating my “want to do list” for the next ten weeks.

It almost feels naughty to still be in my PJ’s with a grin on my face. I just hope Santa doesn’t agree with that sentiment!

To the rest of the world who by now is working dutifully away at their jobs, I raise my mug in a sympathy toast to you. I’ll enjoy this fine day to the max in hopes it eases your load just a bit.

And don’t fret, once I am back in the saddle next spring, you can rub in the fact that it is you sitting on your duff every Saturday morning while I grumble, pound the alarm clock with my fist and only wish I could grab the boat and a kid or two instead of plodding off to work.

What goes around comes around, but this day is mine! Now if you’ll excuse me, this fantastic cup of Joe is getting low, time for a refill.

Oh, and Have a Marvelous Monday everyone!


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