The Gift of a Warm House

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Santa.”

This prompt struck a serious note in me this morning, simply because of a stranger I met through a friend of our family.

A couple weeks back I received a phone call from D.W.. He’s a long time friend of ours and called asking for assistance from me in coming to the aid of a young lady he knows.

This woman suffered a tremendous blow when her husband walked out several months ago leaving her and six young children behind.

It seems her furnace had gone out. The cold December winds chilled the house to intolerable temps.

I arrived with tools in hand to offer aid. That cold snowy night, the two of us managed to revive the old mechanical beast that should have been replaced years ago.

For the moment her struggling family is warm, however those youngsters have been on my mind since.

Without the cold hard truth of reality to tell us that our budget will not allow such a gift, both Mama and I would do it in a heartbeat.

What could be a better Secret Santa gift then that of a warm house?


5 responses to “The Gift of a Warm House

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  2. Now that it’s Christmas morning, gifts are on my mind. Would you consider pricing a new furnace and then starting a Go Fund Me campaign on your blog? If you do, I will make whatever small contribution I can.


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