All The Riches Money Can’t Buy

Some days I feel like I live under a rock. Today happens to be one of them!

Around here, the gifts are bought, wrapped, and under the tree. Thus removing me from the frantic Christmas shopping that clogs parking lots, storefronts, and even intersections.

Today the house had a need, and I being the caregiver of said house, needed to make a trip to Home Depot. Two days before Christmas is not when I want to be heading to town.

It was an errand I grudgingly took up. To start with I am not one of those suburbanites who believes the place is the best thing since sliced bread.

No, I am an urbanite (if that’s a word) out in the sticks who much prefers a real lumber yard or hardware store.

That being said, I knew the fastest way to what I needed was through their door, so I went- grudgingly.

I have to say I found my self astounded at the scene I walked into. The place was a madhouse complete with screaming babies, crashing carts and oodles of people all scowling.

I watched one man shout into his phone about the proper color of a battery for a cordless tool, and a pair of late teenage boys fighting over who had the best gift for someone.

Giant sale signs hung over aisle blocking displays that took a constant pounding as people in too big a hurry tried to pass each other without slowing down.

In truth the whole thing made me sick to my stomach. For some reason, I guess me being out of the shopping mode (thanks to Mama I don’t have one of those), I felt like I had been removed from the scene. Merely an observer.

Is this what Christmas has been reduced to?

Maybe my brain is stuck in another time, or quite possibly I do live under a rock. Only to be let out when some giant alien child tips that rock too peek under it.

All of my kids know, I don’t care what they do or don’t get me. All I want is for us to be together Christmas day.

I see the day as a family party. After all, it is the birthday of Jesus, let’s celebrate!

Food, games, and laughter that’s what I want. A time to build new memories, talk with each other, and share another fabulous meal that Mama so lovingly prepared.

All the expensive gifts you can keep. I don’t need them, and I don’t want them.

But that one thing I do want, can’t be bought in a store or for any amount of money. It’s priceless, timeless and given from the heart.

That’s what Christmas is about- Giving from the heart.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

May your day be blessed with all the riches money can’t buy!


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