“Son, do as I say not as I do!”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tight Corner.”

In order to teach kids just how to interact with the people around them, parents (myself included) often refer back to the golden rule.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

But then reality strikes at a moment you wish it wouldn’t.

A stressful day makes for a grumpy mood. Add short patients and say a traffic jamb to that mix, and you have the making of a parental boo-boo.

“Come on you numbskull,” I waved my fist and shouted at the car ahead of me that sat still wasting a valuable green light.

Thoughts of the sponge safely buckled in the back seat soaking in my every word and action did not cross my mind.

It wasn’t until several minutes later when, at yet another intersection,  I grumbled under my breath that I realized my short coming.

A squeaky young voice sounded to mimic my earlier phrase (complete with a wobbling fist).

“Come on numbskall.”

And just what parental words of wisdom flowed from my still shocked mind?

You guessed it!

“Son, do as I say not as I do!”


2 responses to ““Son, do as I say not as I do!”

  1. I have been guility of this too. It is such a challange at times.


    • That is is!
      I think those scenarios repeated about a million times is why now, years later I hear…
      “Ugh, you are just like your father!”
      Sometimes they put a smile on my face, but other times I mutter “Oh Crap” to myself.


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