If We Were Having Coffee 2/28/2015


If we were having coffee…

You’ll see a big smile on my face this morning as I meet you at the door. This week was an awesome one, and I can’t help but let it show.

Please come on in, the coffee is hot, there’s fresh chocolate cake and the mood around here is as bright as the sunshine that is blaring through the windows.

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you about a crazy first week back to work. Even though our temps have not gotten much above ten degrees, it felt good to be outside soaking in the sunshine.

 I spent a couple days waking up the stubborn old road grader from it’s winter slumber. If you compared my equipment to the seven dwarves, there is no doubt that grader would be named “grumpy”.

Just when it finally seemed I had coaxed him back into work mode, he gave me quite the unexpected surprise. Somewhere under that yellow and rusty exterior a hydraulic line blew, sending a bright pink geyser sky high.

As I tried to run through thigh high snow drifts to reach the cab and turn the key, I wound up face down in a drift while pink transmission fluid rained down from above.

I guess he won that battle, but the war is not over!

If we were having coffee…

I’d share the excitement we feel here. Our oldest daughter and her husband are now only a couple days away from moving in to their house. After some weeks working with the bank, they are officially home owners.

And the best part, they are moving in right next door! Monday is moving day, so one week of work under my belt this season, and I already put in for a day off.

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if you managed to dodge the bug that seems to be going around. Thankfully it has (thus far) missed our house, but it sure has been raging through the area.

I hope this day finds you healthy and smiling.

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if the cake was better than last week. I’ve been practicing and using all the advice I have gotten from Mama, our daughter and my mom.

Each cake is getting better. Maybe Mama’s oven doesn’t hate me after all!

If we were having coffee…

It’s about time I excuse myself, before I get focused on some trim work in the house, I need to run out and find a pair of gloves.

It seems our pup has gotten board with the milk crate full of toys at her disposal and decided shredding one of my insulated work gloves would be more fun.

Ya just gotta love the chewing stage!

With some luck I’ll pop in a bit more this week, but I will make sure the coffee is hot next Saturday.

Until then, think warm happy thoughts and let’s drive old man winter back north for the year!

Oh and don’t forget to swing into Part Time Monster’s link page. Lots of wonderful people are offering up enough coffee to keep you twitching and jabbering all week long!


14 responses to “If We Were Having Coffee 2/28/2015

  1. Your good mood is contagious!

    Congrats to your daughter and family on the new home! We’re discussing homes now. We won’t be in the buying position for another 2 or 3 years. But since NOLA is built on both sides of the river, we have some decisions to make about where in the city to live.

    And oooh, chewing pups! How fun and how miserable they can make you. lol We have a 4 year old rescue dog that still has to have a steady supply of Nylabones and toys, but he’s good about only shredding his own things!


    • Thanks! Good luck in your search for a new home, I personally would pick a house right on the water on the side with the best fishing! Then we could have morning coffee on the water waiting for the fish to bite.
      Our pup usually does very well at chewing only her toys. Maybe it was her way of telling me spring is almost here and I won’t be needing them much longer…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fun coffee share. I’m sure having your daughter next door is a dream come true. I’m now eying the houses on each side of mine and thinking about 20 years from now when my kids are looking for homes. Thanks for coffee, the cake was fantastic!


    • My dream has always been to own one large piece of property and have our kids build houses where ever they want around us. This is close, but I need to convince four more neighbors to move out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your mood is infectious. I just wish I had your energy. I am sure the cake is delicious. Thanks for the smile. My pup chewed two left shoes before we started giving him a special treat when we had to leave him alone. Now he is much better and he leaves my left shoes alone. Why only the lefts, I do not know.


    • Thanks for stopping by. Gotta love those quirks in dogs! When our Golden gets an attitude he will chew the center out of a blue hand towel. Never any other color, and he always wants the piece in the middle!


  4. I love this happy post. Congrats on all the good stuff!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person who gets excited to be a lone (wo)man standing after a bug takes others down. It could be because I’m always the first one to get sick. I think this maybe the first time in years that I’ll be able to get through the winter season with no stomach bug. Yay!


  5. The chocolate cake is delicious! Thank you for that! Chewing pups are the number one reason I don’t own a dog. I can’t handle the chewing. My son had three dogs and one of them loves to chew my shoes, ever since she was a pup. She’s now four or five and still steals my shoes and chews them up when I go visit. I have to remember to keep all of my shoes in my suitcase or on my feet or she will find them and chew them. I once was dog sitting for them and she chewed both of my shoes…both pair I had up there, my Kindle cover, my hairbrush, and my purse. I had no shoes so I had to go to the shoe store barefoot to buy another pair! Ha ha ha. Not!


    • A chewing dog can drive one crazy. But that is something I am willing to work through because of so many other benefits.
      Play mates for the kids, home security, a reason to get my butt out the door and get some more exercise. This house would not feel the same without them! But I do understand they are not for everyone. Just over a year now and that lone glove is all I have lost to her teeth. I can live with that. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you next week


  6. It is exciting to have your daughter’s home next door…have fun with that.


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