If We Were Having Coffee 3/14/2015


If we were having coffee…

Today you’d find me moving slower than normal. Oh, don’t worry the coffee and cake are fresh, ready and waiting. It’s just my body refuses to move at normal operating speeds.

After a very long week of equipment repairs at work, muscles seemed to laugh at the thought of getting out of bed this morning. I swear this spring every piece of equipment in the yard has ganged up on me.

Ah well, better now than when our season is in full swing!

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if your town has noticed old man winter finally running out of steam for the year. Around here his icy grip is getting weak.

Just like a movie villain hanging onto the edge of a cliff about to fall to his doom in the canyon below, one can feel his grasp slipping. There’s nothing to do but stand there smiling as each finger tip slips away. In the words of Bruce Willis from Die Hard… “Yippie Ki-yay *!#%**

Another rough winter is just about over. In many ways I’m darn glad to see it. In others, well I kind of wish he would stick around.

The answer to the question floating through your head right now is yes I am a bit crazy. But think about it for a second….

While all of us are ready for t-shirts, blooming flowers, and the wonderful scent of fresh cut grass, Are you really ready for mosquito’s, humidity, oppressive heat and millions of spiders?

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that my list of things I never want to do again before I die grew by one more item last night.

I learned real quick that enjoying a missed episode of the TV show Bones does not go well with pizza! Yep, that sure was a short dinner.

If we were having coffee…

I’d offer up one last salute to another gorgeous winter…




Fair well snow drifts,  icicles, and frozen lakes.

If we were having coffee…

I am sure by now you would have noticed that while still making progress on our renovation, things have slowed quite a bit.

Time for all those little loose ends has been short, but it’s almost done. At this rate another two weeks should finally have us ready for the carpet to be installed.

If we were having coffee…

Wow our time goes fast. I must get my butt in gear now. Today is working on the house day. This weekend has been shortened by a day since my beloved Jeep needs some attention tomorrow. At nearly 200,000 miles, she’s given me a list of items that are tired and need replacing.

So today will be sawdust and stain. Tomorrow rust, grease, and mud…

Any body out there have a 36mm axle nut socket I can borrow? It’s the one tool I seem to be lacking, and Mama hates it when I tool shop. With all the cool toys in a big boy toy store, walking out with just one… Well that’s like eating just one potato chip!

Until next week then. Yeah I am still way too busy… But I will play catch up with everyone soon.

Here’s to a week of fresh spring breezes, soul warming sunshine and a chance to break that bad case of cabin fever I am sure all of us have!

Don’t forget to swing into Part Time Monster’s linky and say hello to everyone. It’s a great place to make new friends.


14 responses to “If We Were Having Coffee 3/14/2015

  1. Thanks for the coffee and the conversation! To answer your questions, YES I am ready for Old Man Winter to go back where he came from and let the spring and summer months come quickly! I’m tired of shoveling, tired of heating the house and worrying about pipes that might freeze and burst. I’ll be content to deal with mowing the yard and working with the mower that always seems to break down the first time I use it.
    As for that tool you are wanting, I’m sure it is out in my garage amongst all the other tools that are lying all over the work bench, in buckets and in desperate need of being organized. (Mike left them that way)
    Enjoy your working on the house day. Something I should be doing as well. (Big Sigh)!

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Not to worry, I am sure before you know it your fingers will be closing around the pull cord of your mower while your mind prays it will start!
      Your garage sounds like mine at the moment. Mine is in complete and total chaos from the reno and multiple car repairs that have ended after dark. As long as they land behind the locked door, I will worry about their organization when I have time. Or when I just can’t stand slogging through piles to find one specific tool and make the time!

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  2. As we’re having coffee I must tell you how poetically your described a retreating winter – the writer in me sat up and clapped her hands in sheer delight! I also liked your toy store humour – made me laugh out loud!

    The very thought of watching Bones while eating something is enough to put me off my lunch and I don’t even have the visual! I don’t blame you for adding the experience to your ‘never again’ list 🙂 Have a great weekend – though it sounds like a busy one!

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    • Well thank you! I am glad I could put a smile on your face.
      You have just discovered the secret mission behind my blog. The world looks so much better when one wears a smile!
      This message will self destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…(insert smoke and melting plastic here)

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  3. We must be thinking along the same lines because just last night as I was drifting off to sleep, a thought jumped in my head: hopefully this summer won’t be as long as last summer because I don’t have AC! See, we wait for the warmth and before it’s even here, we are dreading it!

    Thanks for the coffee and the cake. Hope your Jeep repairs go as planned and that she doesn’t pull a surprise on you!


    • Thanks for stopping by, and I’m with you on the A/C. Although we don’t have it because of how bad it messes with my sinuses. I would much rather take the heat than the way it makes me feel! Have a great day.

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  4. I totally get your sort of wishing old man winter would stick around just a bit. I like winter where I am at way more that I like summer.
    I am sure my Mister won’t mind if I lend you the tool you are missing,I know he has it but good luck finding it. He keeps complaining about them growing legs, even though he is the only one who uses them. Who knows what that is about???
    I’ll sit with you during Bones and warn ya when the gory parts come on next time. they don’t bother me! Thanks for the coffee!


    • I truly enjoy all the seasons here, except those darn bugs and the fact I can breathe so much better in the fall/winter.
      I completely understand the tools growing legs. I’m just going to run out and buy one this morning. I bet it’ll walk of on me before the day is out!
      Thanks for stopping by. If ever I feel nutty enough to try and eat while watching bones again, I will let you know.


  5. I am also loving seeing winter retreat and like Mel, love your imagery of it. I’m not a winter person at all and if we were having coffee, I’d tell you I hate dark nights and cold mornings and frozen car windshields and I’m looking forward to spring and more light and smiles that come with it, Have a lovely weekend.

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  6. I do hope spring comes to your neck of the woods soon. It’s funny that I’m in Canada and having better weather! It doesn’t happen too often, so yes, I’m sorry, I am happy with it. Thank you for the coffee and I do hope you get all your projects finished. 🙂


  7. Winter seems, mostly, to have departed the South. But we had an odd winter this year, too—sometimes unseasonably warm, and then toward what should’ve been winter’s end, it turned very cold again. And it’s a damp, humid cold. Ick! It’s been rainy here lately, but at least it’s warming up and the days are getting longer. I don’t do as well with winter’s short days!


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