Weekend Coffee Share 3/29/15


If we were having coffee…

I’d happily greet you at the door, excited to see you again! The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind around here that left me little time for much of anything.

Some has been good and some not so much, but I found myself missing the great people I have come to know here.

Grab a mug, let’s chat!

If we were having coffee…

I’d share with you the sadness that has touched my extended family. My dad lost his sister this past week. While I truly was not close to her due to distance, dad’s reaction shook me up pretty well.

He has always been my rock. When there’s trouble a foot in in my life, he always seems to have the answer I am looking for. But this time I found myself on the other side of the table, and worse yet, I didn’t have all the answers he needed.

I felt nearly helpless as I spoke words of encouragement into the phone while wishing I could be with him at her side.

Then the good lord called her home. A tumor in her lung left the doctors saying they could do nothing but make her comfortable and wait for the inevitable.

I felt as though I should be with him, yet obligations to my own clan meant I could not make the fourteen hour drive. So dad did… alone.

I have paced, fought to focus on tasks I needed to do, and waited by the phone feeling helpless knowing he drove through the night with little sleep and his mind surely not focused.

As the week wore on, the tiredness and stress of the situation clear in his voice, I found myself worrying about his own health. Pushing his limits to be somewhere I felt he should not have to be alone.

With some luck, tonight’s phone call will find him back at home beside Mom, able to rest and recover.

I just can’t help but feel I let him down in some way, even though his words say different.

So I’d ask if you would join me in raising our morning mug in honor of a woman whose smile spell bound me as a youngster, and left me with impressions of a person I wished I had the chance to know better.

Here’s to you Auntie!

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if you had any recipes you would mind sharing. As of late with Mama working so many hours, the food around here has become mundane. I can hold my own in the kitchen, but to be honest only for short stretches at a time. I don’t have her skill at whipping together a wide variety of meals, and to be honest some of the recipes I have read in her books leave me a bit intimidated!

Right about now our evening meals have become more like a favorite TV show at the end of summer. A steady flow of reruns that leave the kids and even myself wrinkling a lip ready for something new.

There just might be a mutiny around here if they see another pack of chicken on the counter!

And can someone please tell me what on earth do you do with a large pork butt roast, besides put it in the oven with potatoes and carrots?

If we were having coffee…

I’d share just how good it feels to have most of my crew back to work. The shop is awake again! Now if we canย  get mother nature to turn up the thermostat just a bit all will be flowing on the right track.

If we were having coffee…

I’d want to know what I missed that has been important in your life. I know a lot of you have been busy with new blogging goals and ideas, and I have not been able to keep up as of late.

So please share how things are going!

If we were having coffee…

About now I would have to wrap things up. I know its a bit short, but there’s several folks I need to stop by and visit before I pull out Mom’s recipe for Enchiladas in a Hail Mary pass to keep the kids eating something better than McDonald’s.

Next week I’ll have a fresh cake to go with our coffee, and hopefully have life back on track.

Don’t forget, there’s plenty of conversation and more coffee over at Part Time Monster’s Linky. I’m headed that way now if you need a lift.

So until we meet again, I hope your week is full of positive thoughts, clear skies, and some funny jokes. I still believe laughter is the best medicine!


12 responses to “Weekend Coffee Share 3/29/15

  1. Here’s to your Aunt. I hope when you speak with your dad this evening, he’s back where he should be.

    I’m rather young–31–but my parents are older than most parents my age because they were well into their 30s when I was born. My grandmother, my dad’s mother, is the only one of my grandparents living, and in her 90s, she’s now not in good health anymore. Some of my parents’s siblings are also in poor health, and I watch my parents, who have always been the ones that both sides of the family count on when something is wrong anyway, bouncing between people who need help. And they’re still in fairly good health, but they’ve got their own aging issues to deal with, too. I guess I say all that to say that I know what you mean.

    And as far as recipes go—I’m not the cook around here, but when I do have to cook, I use the crock pot. There are lots of recipes on the internet, especially Pinterest, for things to cook in a crock pot. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you for your supportive words, and I hope your parents good health remains for years to come.
      About crock pots, I have yet to find one big enough to match the appetites we have in the house. There is still 2 boys in their late teens here along with my over sized appetite, and Mama, plus a daughter.
      I’d need a four gallon size!
      I keep reminding them that tax season is almost over and Mama will once again be the ruler of her kitchen.
      I will however take a look at what I can find on line.


  2. Wish I knew what to do with a pork butt! Not fond of pork, therefore it never got cooked. My cooking skills have failed me during this last year. No sense cooking for one. I’ve resorted to frozen entrees for now. Makes my life easier. Hamburger helper makes a great meal! (Puke). Thanks for the coffee! I have had so much this morning I’m having a caffeine buzz…๐Ÿ™Š


  3. I wanted to make some really, really different recently so I made cottage pie. It was good. I didn’t add cinnamon because it sounded like it would be too much and terrible. Next time I’m going to add peas.



  4. Maybe you can involve the family in the food preparation in order to stimulate new ideas..pinterest is a great place to find new food ideas, and maybe the family could search for simple dishes that are appealing.


    • I have trued somewhat to provoke their interest. I asked for dishes they have had at friends homes that they would like to try here.
      So far that hasn’t worked. Thinking about a sign to hang in the kitchen that reads “Kitchen closed till YOU cook!”
      But I know they will turn turn to fast food and I don’t want that!
      However, prodding them to find some off the wall recipes found online just might create a spark.
      Thank you for the input.

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  5. I would use the pork butt for pulled pork which can be made in a crock pot if you have one. Good as an entree with side dishes and/or pulled pork sandwiches.

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  6. To you aunt…*raises coffee mug*. I hope your Dad made it home safely.
    This is my go-to recipe. It’s so easy and there isn’t much mess to clean up.

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  7. Sorry to hear about your aunt. It’s never easy to lose someone or see the effect on others. When we lost mom, I missed her, but the thing that hit me hardest was how hard it hit dad. They had been married for over 50 years.

    I love to cook. A couple of things you can try with pork butt or any meat is barbecue. Pick your favorite sauce cover the meat in sauce. cover the pan with foil and cook on low heat 275-325 for several hours. You can google the the recommend temps to get meat to a safe cooking level. Another option is a pepper and beer. Cover in foil and let sit over night. Again bake on low heat for several hours.

    And I’m looking forward to the fresh cake next week ๐Ÿ™‚ Chocolate is my favorite!

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