An Exciting Week


If we were having coffee…

This morning you would arrive to find me floating on cloud nine. The smile plastered on my face has been there all week!

So come on in and sit a spell. There’s a pot of fresh coffee waiting, and oh boy do I have something to tell you!

If we were having coffee…

OK, so I can’t hold my excitement any longer.  Both of our daughters shared terrific, life changing news this week.

The first exciting tidbit came from our third oldest. A sophomore now at a large university, she had applied for a work program at Disney through the college.

She bolted in the door screaming, jumping, and flailing about with a piece of paper in her hand.

“I’m going to Disney!” She bellowed over and over.

The air was electrified with excitement and even the dogs bounced around as if they knew what was going on.

Our little bookworm that has always worked so hard to keep her 4.0 GPA is now seeing the fruit of her efforts.

Her acceptance into the program has now been confirmed! As I understand it, career wise, it’s a huge opportunity for her future. Many of the students who enter the program wind up staying put and building their career right there in Orlando.

The squeals and hopping of Mama and both our girls filled the house. Combined with what my ears would have to call girlish babbling.

Consider it a cross between listening to the chipmunks, and the voice you always heard when Charlie Brown spoke on the phone with his teacher.

Occasionally a specific word could be heard clearly. Words like packing, nine months, resume, shoes, car.

So the gist of the situation when translated:

She has already started packing for nine months in Orlando, beginning in January, which will be a big shot in the arm to her resume. She’s driving her own car down. And finally, she has no idea which (or how many) pairs of shoes should go along for the ride.

While both my pride and excitement for her are flying high, I feel a pang of remorse and concern.

Bookworm will be the first to travel so far away, and nine months… Wow… I’m going to miss her.

Just to ease my own mind about her trip, I have already began to pack too. I am slowly starting to compile every tool I think might be necessary to repair a car on the side of the road. By the time she leaves, my Jeep will be loaded and ready just in case…

It’s not that her car won’t make it, it’s just the way I think. Chance favors the prepared mind you know!

If We Were Having Coffee…

I would have to apologize for my long windedness today. Oh, and in my excitement I forgot to offer up some fresh chocolate cake to go with our coffee! Just where are my manners anyway?!

Ok, so now on to daughter number two and her news…

Just a couple nights ago, my most dedicated ice fishing buddy, being our oldest daughter came in holding an envelope with her husband in tow. A strange look filled her face.

I milled about the kitchen finishing up dinner while Mama settled in after another late shift at work.

“So, I have something the two of you need to read, but you have to read it together.”

With that she opened the envelope and handed a single piece of folded paper to each of us.

It had been folded twice to fit inside the envelope. As my fingers flipped open the first fold, I eyed her husband seeking any sort of clue I could find on his face.

And then the shrieking began… Followed by girlish babbling…

Mama bounced up and down waving her arms as she collided with our daughter for a hug.

I had stalled too long and for a millisecond was behind the times with regards to the exciting news.

Then my eyes landed on the word Positive just after my brain recognized her doctor’s letterhead.

Yep, that’s right the Alan Clan is about to have another member!

If We Were Having Coffee…

I would finally settle enough to ask how life was in your world. This day finds you well and smiling I hope.

If We Were Having Coffee…

By now I’d be ready for a refill, how about you?

I’ve got a lot to do, but to be honest I don’t want to do any of it today. Even the weather seems to agree with me, its cloudy and wet with an occasional rumble of thunder.

Seems to be a good day to sketch out and plan the baby crib Little Mama ask me to build.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by and listening to me chatter!

And by the way should you stumble across an avid ice fisherman looking for a buddy to wander across frozen lakes, send them my way. The ice is no place for a pregnant woman, so my dear partner is benched for the coming season!

If We Were Having Coffee…

About now  I would be ready to head out the door and over to Part Time Monster’s Linky to see  some old friends, and find some new ones.  Care to tag along?


21 responses to “An Exciting Week

  1. Congratulations on both counts! Exciting news for your family! You have every right to take a day off and just relax after so much excitement. And, you’re right. The weather here is gray and gloomy too. Not conducive to any sort of productivity from me anyway! Again, congrats!!


  2. What great news all the way around! Congrats! The arrival of that little one will be sooner than you think so get busy with that crib!


  3. Congratulations! I’m so glad you stopped by my place so I could stop by yours in return. The coffee was great, and your wonderful news put a big smile on my face. 😀


  4. What a wonderful exciting week! My best to both your girls and you to “grandpop”! (By the way, I love how you describe the squeals of happy women! Very accurate!)


    • I’ve had lots of years practice at translating those squeals, but it still baffles me they can talk that fast in such a high tone and still perfectly understand each other!
      Glad you stopped by.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats! Such wonderful news from both girls! Are you hoping for a granddaughter, or a grandson? My Dad says he wants me to have a girl because they give more hugs than boys, haha. Disney is pretty amazing. I wanted to be an animator for Disney when I was little. What sort of work will your daughter be doing for them?


    • I’d love another granddaughter (your dad is right), however as long as both the baby and Little Mama come home healthy my prayers will have been answered. And Little Mama is living proof that either sex can be a perfect fishing partner!
      She has the most work experience in fast food, so I think she will be working along those lines.
      Did I pick up the point you are expecting as well? If so, Congrats!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That’s great news! Congrats to your whole family 🙂 X


  7. Congratulations all around! Also, I love the bit about preparedness. Yes, yes, and yes.


  8. Wow, what news! Congrats to both of your daughters. 🙂 What will your younger daughter be doing at Disney?


  9. Congratulations! Both news are so wonderful. I could not stop smiling the entire time I read your blog post today. I am so happy for you all! Blessings and have a great week!


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