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If We Were Having Coffee…


You’d find me relaxed and smiling when you came to the door this this morning. The weather has been beautiful (especially for November), and the week has sailed smoothly by. Come on in, coffee is on and there is fresh cake.

If We Were Having Coffee…

I’d want to know what I missed in your life last week, and how this week has gone for you. I had to miss coffee with friends last weekend much thanks to an unplanned weekend of work. I am at the point in my season where I should be off weekends, yet reasons keep springing up that drag me in.

It’s almost over for the year though, and yesterday I laid off the first round of men from the shop for the winter. That’s a sure sign my long vacation is just around the corner.

As the temps fall, so does the volume of work I have to be done, thus the number of men in the shop begins to dwindle.

If We Were Having Coffee…

Not much new and exciting in my universe to share, except for the science project our high school senior informed me of.

He needs a mouse trap car built for science class. I love these projects, not just for the creativity outlet they offer, but also for some one on one time in the workshop.

Our home is usually so busy, and the kids seem to be here in packs. It’s either a full house, or just Mama and I. So getting that one on one time is something I look forward to.

Besides, the project will give me another conversation piece in the shop. It already has a place ready right beside to the catapult I helped Miss Bookworm build a couple years ago.

The one I still get glares from Mama about, but that is a tale for another time.

If We Were Having Coffee…

Unfortunately I would need to keep our visit short, with the time change daylight runs out much too fast and I chose to sleep in a bit today.

I have a lot around here that is still not ready for winter, and the shop needs a bit more cleaning to make room for the bassinet build I need to get under way for Little Mama. Who by the way is doing well and so is the future Alan clan member inside her.

Just as soon as I can get a handle on the weatherization here, I will have more time to chat, and even share a few tales, not just check in on weekends.

But for know I must go, I will take some time a bit later to swing by your place and share a cup of Joe.

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