Combine in Equal Parts:
– Family
– Carpentry
– Fishing
– Collecting useful trinkets (can be substituted with Junk)
– All things boat related
– Unexplained desire to write

Whisk wildly until spare parts, nails, fishing lures, and screws lay scattered everywhere.

Then sprinkle with generous amounts:
– Curiosity of all things Mechanical
– Insatiable need to be outdoors
– Wonderful Family Memories

Finally Top with a serious dose of redneck thinking and chill on a frozen lake for no less than 8 hours.
This recipe makes:
1- C J Alan


4 responses to “About

  1. I thank you for giving me a new perspective. I was amazed to discover that your book is only 39 pages in length. And here I am working on my own book, thinking that it’s not long enough because it’s only 200 pages! Shows you what I know.


    • I found a lot of short stories for sale on Amazon when I researched writing a book.
      This adventure had two primary motivators-
      1) Like many I had a dream of being a writer, though lacked the education that most of them have.
      2) I wanted to prove to our five children that the only boundaries in life are self imposed, and anything is possible with the right mind set.

      So the first book is a short story, just enough to get my feet wet and learn the ways of both writing, and self publishing (although I know I have way more to learn).
      And all of my kids have seen that even when a quarter of a century has been focused on a specific trade, one can change, learn something completely new and outside their field to begin a new career.
      I may never be a best selling author, put my point has been proven and I am having way more fun that I thought I could.
      I have a full length fiction novel in the works, albeit slow, within the next year it will become a reality.
      If you had asked my kids even a year ago what they thought of their dad being a writer and internet blogger, they would have laughed off the notion as a silly joke and said “That’s not possible”.
      Today they actually see what the power of determination can do.
      Even if I never sell more than the meager ten copies I already have accrued, my mission has been a success, and I have given our kids a new view on the phrase that has been drilled into their heads over the years- “Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

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  2. I like the way you think! You have some pretty lucky kids.

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