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If We Were Having Coffee…


You’d find me relaxed and smiling when you came to the door this this morning. The weather has been beautiful (especially for November), and the week has sailed smoothly by. Come on in, coffee is on and there is fresh cake.

If We Were Having Coffee…

I’d want to know what I missed in your life last week, and how this week has gone for you. I had to miss coffee with friends last weekend much thanks to an unplanned weekend of work. I am at the point in my season where I should be off weekends, yet reasons keep springing up that drag me in.

It’s almost over for the year though, and yesterday I laid off the first round of men from the shop for the winter. That’s a sure sign my long vacation is just around the corner.

As the temps fall, so does the volume of work I have to be done, thus the number of men in the shop begins to dwindle.

If We Were Having Coffee…

Not much new and exciting in my universe to share, except for the science project our high school senior informed me of.

He needs a mouse trap car built for science class. I love these projects, not just for the creativity outlet they offer, but also for some one on one time in the workshop.

Our home is usually so busy, and the kids seem to be here in packs. It’s either a full house, or just Mama and I. So getting that one on one time is something I look forward to.

Besides, the project will give me another conversation piece in the shop. It already has a place ready right beside to the catapult I helped Miss Bookworm build a couple years ago.

The one I still get glares from Mama about, but that is a tale for another time.

If We Were Having Coffee…

Unfortunately I would need to keep our visit short, with the time change daylight runs out much too fast and I chose to sleep in a bit today.

I have a lot around here that is still not ready for winter, and the shop needs a bit more cleaning to make room for the bassinet build I need to get under way for Little Mama. Who by the way is doing well and so is the future Alan clan member inside her.

Just as soon as I can get a handle on the weatherization here, I will have more time to chat, and even share a few tales, not just check in on weekends.

But for know I must go, I will take some time a bit later to swing by your place and share a cup of Joe.

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Have coffe mug, will travel…


Good morning everyone!

It’s been quite sometime since I had the pleasure of your company, too long in fact.

It’s been a long grueling season at work that occupied seven days a week, ten to twelve hours a day. Life outside work came to a screeching halt!

On the bright side I have much to share, laughs and funny tales, some sadness and even a couple horrific moments that nearly caused me to panic.

Those tales however will have to wait. Today is not about me, but rather the friends I have here whom I have not seen in way too long.

Since it was me that seemed to fall off the face of the earth, it is only right that I step out the door with a coffee mug in hand to pay a visit to as many of you as I can to say hello again.

So if you will still have me, I am out and about with a smile on my face and will stop by to see you.

And after that, I can see I need to get the new Weekend Coffee Share logo before I look like that outdated guy in the group who never bothered to step into the current decade!

Off I go, and I am looking forward to seeing you!

For any of you that might have happened upon my page and do not know about the weekend coffee share, Part time Moster’s Linky with help you get around  to meet some wonderful folks and have enough coffee to keep you twitching all day long!

Share Your World – 2015 Week #2

This sounds like fun so I thought I’d give it a shot. Although I am on a serious time crunch this morning, so unfortunately I don’t have time to add pics.

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

I am a hugger. Nothing beats a warm hug- after we get to know each other a bit anyway!

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Chocolate, hands down. Ice cream makes the perfect just before bed snack!

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

I prefer excising both. With a hands on physical job and a desire to be in the great outdoors, I get plenty of physical exercise. As far as my mind goes, I have a workshop full of curiosities to keep the mind sharp.

I am a tinkerer at heart. If it breaks around here, I just have to know what makes it tick, what broke, and if I can fix it. I am always learning something new, and keeping those problem solving skills honed to a razors edge.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Why?

Dogs, no contest here and for many reasons. They are part of my physical exercise since they love a good game of fetch or chasing me around the yard. Dogs offer unconditional love. Always happy to greet me home from…well.. anywhere!

We have two large breed dogs who don’t know they are dogs. We see them as family members, and they are just as big a part of our lives as the children.

 What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I had the honor of spending two days last week ice fishing with one of our clan. She is grown and married now, so that Dad and Daughter time can be hard to come by. To get two days in a row of time with her did my heart good.

As for this week, she has already let me know she is game for another day on a frozen lake. It feels like I just won the Super Bowl!

Next week, I’ll get some pictures and make a proper “Share your world” Post. When I discovered this challenge this morning, I was nearly ready to run out the door. Oops- I guess I will be behind schedule from the get go today!

Have a great day everyone!

If We Were Having Coffee


Thanks to a fellow blogger I like to follow, I am taking my first adventure into “If we were having coffee” posts. So thanks 20/20 hindsight. I love coffee and the wonderful conversations that come with it.

If we were having coffee…

It’s more than likely babble a bit over the weather. It has been frigid here lately, with wind chills deep into negative numbers. Although it might have been my imagination, even the thermometer shivered yesterday morning.

Today is much better, a balmy twenty nine degrees. Time to get back out the door and stop driving Mama crazy.

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask how your holidays were,  if Santa brought you everything you wanted, and share some of the joy of our holidays here. I believe Mama still has one French silk pie she made from scratch in the freezer we could enjoy with our coffee.

If we were having coffee…

I would ask some get to know you questions:

What are your hobbies?

What in life are you passionate about?

What’s your dream vacation spot?

And of course the one question that always brings a look of shock to those unfamiliar with central Michigan- Have you ever been to Hell?

It really is a small town just a few miles from here as the crow flies. Most folks stutter and stammer unsure of what to say.

Roadside America even has a write up on that little wide spot in the road.

I did meet one young lady who quickly responded “Yes, lived there for a few years before I finally divorced Satan.” Admittedly her response threw me off!

If we were having coffee… I’d watch with a smile as your eyes floated across the walls of our dining room. The walls are covered with my passions in life, from pictures of the family on boats, at the beach, and in the woods to fishing lures neatly hung around the tops of the walls.

Even a couple old hand tools can be spotted if you know what you are looking at. Everything your gaze takes in has a deep meaning to me.

Some call me a sentimental fool, but there is a warmth I feel in remembering where each item came from and what it means.

That board of old handmade and hand painted lures near the window, they were handed to me by the son of a fishing mentor (after his sudden passing several years ago). He spent countless hours with me on the St. Clair river and taught me how to fish it.

The one that gets the most questions asked about, an old rifle that quietly sits on it’s perch above the windows. It is the most treasured piece in the room to me.

Decades ago now, even before my age hit double digits, one of the greatest influences in my life pulled that old girl off his wall to teach me to shoot.

In honor of my Grandpa, that well used artifact from simpler times will forever remain just above the windows and serve as a reminder of the great man that I still miss a quarter of a century after his passing.

If we were having coffee…

By now both of our four legged family members would have warmed to the new comer in the house. They can be a bit intrusive for non dog lovers.

They must feel you are okay since they want to nuzzle up next to your chair for a scratch behind the ears. The trouble with that, both of them are over a hundred pounds and are tall enough that if your not paying attention, they will try to share your pie.

Maybe it’s time to bid farewell, before their desire to love on you exceeds what you are willing to receive.

If your interested, I have another pot of coffee that should be just about finished out in the shop atop my wood burner. Feel free to come on out and get an idea of what really goes on inside my head. Or take a read at my post “Uh Dad, What Are You Doing?”

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to have a look around. My blog is a place of family, outdoor adventures and crazy redneck insights on little things in the world.

Friends are always welcome here, and the shop door is unlocked if you’d like to stop by for a visit. Coffee is always on, and it’s no trouble to grab another mug.


A perfect description of every girl in our house!


Do fish wear sunglasses?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Call Me Ishmael.”


The cold chill of a Michigan December finally numbed my bare fingers to the bone, sank beneath my clothes to send a chill down my spine, and really made me stop to think “Why do I do this to myself?”

“Because I crave it,” came the answer in my head as the cleats on my boots bit into the ice beneath them again.

The wind howled it’s angry tune around me. Nothing but the sound of it swirled in my ears save for the thump of my ice spud whacking the ice a few feet in front of me and the sound of cleats clawing at the slick surface.

Some people call it desolate and isolating. A true enough statement I suppose, but for some of us it is also liberating.

Gone is the hustle and bustle of the busy world. Out on a frozen lake there is no rush, no stop lights, no sales man or crazy drivers who think your world should come to a screeching halt because they have somewhere to be.

It is simply nature in it’s rawest form. That mere fact keeps most folks hidden in their homes and work places cursing out the window at the blowing snow on a wind so icy that it drives the mercury in a thermometer down to negative numbers.

I wait all year for these days. The lake lays quiet under my feet, blanketed in ice.

The sound of powerboats, swimmers and skiers nothing more than an echo in my memory.

Then like a welcomed beacon my shanty emerged from the pure white blur of wind driven snow.

In it sat my daughter, safe and warm next to the heater. I had ventured out in search of  better fishing grounds but had returned empty handed.

“It’s just a slow day all around,” came my greeting as I zipped the door shut behind me.

“That’s OK Dad,” she returned without looking up from the tip of her fishing rod, “At least we are together.”

I could not have said it any better myself.

Time can be cruel, never stopping or slowing down. And I have become acutely aware of it’s fleeting existence the older I get.

I no longer have years to spend with youngsters that rely on me and Mama for everything. All five are growing, exploring on their own and either left the nest already, or will be in a couple short years.

That realization makes frigid days on the ice all the more important to me. They equal alone time that will soon be hard to come by as my kids are starting families of their own.

And then it happened. Something that made me laugh hard enough to chase the chill from my bones.

That little girl who had a knack for sending my coffee cup to the icy depths of the lake struck again.

“Oh crap!” I heard as I watched the tip of my rod bounce.

My eyes instantly snapped to her side of the shanty.

There in the bright glowing rectangle of illuminated ice I spotted the black frames of her sunglasses wafting to and fro in the green water. Lazily swimming for the lake bottom.

I like to call them “Uh-Oh” moments. Times when little ones utter “Uh-Oh… Daddy!”

But the joke was on her this time as we both starred in a silent reverence to her departing eye ware. For the first time I can remember, it was not something of mine sent to the bottom.

We laughed, reminisced about coffee cups, lures and even a fishing rod that had disappeared from our world with the aid of tiny fingers or winter boots.

Yes, times they are a changing. And in a few years, those two little syllables will have a new title behind them and give me even more stories to share.

I can hear it already, and it brings a smile to my face. “Uh-Oh… Grandpa!”

With five kids, something tells me I better stock up on coffee mugs, lures, sunglasses and ice scoops.

There will be even more tiny voices to utter those syllables!

In the mean time I will enjoy the fading moments of ice fishing with those of our clan who enjoy it, and ponder the question…

Do fish wear sunglasses?

First sentence compliments of Desperation Floats, by CJ Alan.

Smiles, Tears and Nerves

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “happy-happy-joy-joy.”

It only seemed fitting to re- share this tale…


Ready, Set, Done

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

There is a lot to be said about a child’s love, but for the purpose of this post, I need to let one of my five shine above the rest. Not because she is loved more than the others, for that simply is not possible in my mind, but rather because she has struck my heart this year in a way the others have not.

This past couple years I watched as she fell in love. By the look of her and her now husband, it is true love.

To be honest it was a  painfully joyous time in my life. The bonds of dad and daughter have had to grow and stretch, and as I am sure is the case with most…

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